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Have you been wanting a chapter-by-chapter study through a book in the Bible? Are you ready for profound simplicity when it comes to the Word? Are you longing for fulfillment that is only found in the presence of Christ Jesus? Do you want to know Him in a way that is life-transforming?

These questions prompt us in moving forward in the CCV Mission:

Receiving from God, Investing in People, Sharing Life, Making Disciples

This is the innovative endeavor of each CCV ministry. If you are interested in getting prepared for the future and the day of Jesus’ return… while flourishing in the present… we cordially invite you to make this journey with us.

Current Teaching Series

Join us for an enlightening journey through the narratives of the book of Judges, where the compelling stories of courage, betrayal, and redemption unfold. Delve into the rich tapestry of Israel’s history and witness the intricate interplay between human frailty and divine providence. In our study, we’ll explore the timeless truths and lessons embedded within these captivating accounts, drawing parallels to our modern lives and deepening our understanding of God’s faithfulness amidst the complexities of human existence. Don’t miss this opportunity to glean wisdom from the triumphs and tribulations of the judges of old, as we seek to grow in faith and discernment together.

Missions Update - May 3rd, 2024

The Raynors

There have been some changes in the ministry leadership these last few months.  We are trying to balance more of the church responsibilities and oversight among the leadership team as Natalie was spread out thin covering a lot.  She now continues to lead the women’s ministry, but in worship there has been a change.  She will be leading the children’s worship team and splitting her time on Sundays.  She will play with the worship band in the sanctuary two times a month and then the other two Sundays she will be with the children’s ministry for worship.  She is super excited to be back with the kids in worship as this has always been one of her passions.

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