Latest Missions Update - April 12th, 2024

Christianah Oladipo, Medical Clinic, Nigeria

  • Work continues with the foundation blocks for the medical staff workers.
  • Christianah was injured and is unable to continue with nursing career unless she can get a medical clearance.
  • The clinic has received quite a bit of equipment and should be ready in 2025.
  • Pray for healing for Christianah and extra security lighting for the clinic.

Iran Alive

Waves of executions are leading a spiritual awakening. In Iran, under an authoritarian regime’s oppressive shadow, young people are losing their lives, on the streets and in the jails.

As a consequence, every family has been affected by the tragedy.  It is one of the biggest reasons that the people of Iran have been questioning Islam.  They have discovered how violence is encouraged and even commanded in the Quran.

This revelation is the reason for Iran having the fastest growing evangelical population in the world.

Our Global Vision

Jesus calls His people to go out into the world to share His love and serve others in His name. In 2023, you’ll have the opportunity to follow His calling and connect with others. CC Villages will be helping missionaries in countries like Mexico, Hungary, Iran, and more. You can be part of building a safe place for others to worship, or helping to provide access to other resources like education. Below is a list of our current Missionaries that we support both inside the US and out.

Janice Byerly is now under the ARM Ministries who partners with local churches to support workers in US and internationally.  Currenting working with Youth With A Mission and working in their member care outreach.

Linking nations and communities in prayer and reaching the least reached places of the world with the hope-filled Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The McMaths are missionary candidates serving with JAARS (Jungle Aviation And Radio Service). They are currently working with Moody Aviation in Spokane, WA as they continue raising their support.

Our mission is to establish a church fellowship in Motul, Mexico and ministering to families. To see our latest mission update, click here.

According to the latest release of the Operation World Manual, Iran has the fastest growing Evangelical population in the entire world!  This is not because it has grown from ten people to hundreds of people, but because it has exploded from hundreds of Persians, to hundreds of thousands of Persians and continues to grow exponentially. At a 19.6% growth rate, the Evangelical population is doubling every four years!

Other Missions Updates:

The Raynors – 3/8/2024

The past month has been very challenging.  The church has not seen many new people.  The churches here in Mexico fight over their membership.  You need permission from your pastor to visit another church. They don’t work together except that they agree to dislike Calvary Motul. We are working on creative ways to demonstrate our love for Christ.  Currently free coffee in our courtyard on Tuesday night as we sit and talk about the topic for that evening.

Their son, Caleb, was seriously ill with a fever of 104.5.  Thank you, Lord, that they were able to get the medical attention he needed and is now back to normal.

As Len was heading to help a dad with an electric problem, he was rear-ended while waiting at a stop sign.  The fellow hit Len so hard that the SUV was up-ended momentarily.  Now Len needs to replace his truck. If you would like to help with a new vehicle, write a check to Calvary Chapel with an “R” on the memo line and put in the tithe box by the door on Sunday.

Keep them in your prayers as Len does have some neck and back pain.