Meet Our Pastor and his Wife

Pastor Steve Turner

Native Floridian, Steve Turner, is the founding pastor at Calvary Chapel Villages. Steve is a graduate of New Orleans Seminary, and Howard Payne University where he met Roz, his wife of 55 years. Together, they are blessed with an ever-expanding family of 4 children, 10 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.
A pastor’s son himself, Steve experienced the call of God in his youth and preached his first sermon at 18. Over the years, God challenged and convicted him through the profound simplicity of the Word to believe and live the truth. Steve says, “The calling on my life was never to build a church, but to allow God to fulfill His promise to build the church in His own way.”  Steve’s commitment is to encourage those who hunger for an intimate relationship with Jesus and experience the authority and transformational power of the Word.

Roz Turner

Floridian-Steve and Texan-Roz met each other on a college campus in Texas. Three years later they married and began their life together. The Turner family lived in six states where they, along with their four children, had many opportunities to learn to adjust. To mention a couple… from a single-room basement of a family of seven upstairs (yes, 13 under one roof)… to a seven-bedroom estate with a horse, living like rich people… for free… until the next move nine months later. For Roz, change was “fertilizer for her faith” as the Lord relocated her pastor husband to preach and mediatefor churches that were struggling. God would bring unity and move the Turners to their next location.

As young people do, they dreamed about “growing old together.” 55 years later it has happened! When they reached their 70’s, they expected that life would begin to wind down. However, they discovered that their 70’s are their spiritual prime of life!
Revelation and experience have been undeniable teachers over the years. Roz has received a fresh understanding from the Holy Spirit of what Jesus’ crucifixion accomplished for us. Today, her passion is receiving from God and investing in people.

Roz wrote in Steve’s Father’s Day card this year, “At 76 you’re still profoundly and incredibly awesome and more than I could have asked for or imagined. I would not have chosen this life… but being on this side of 55 years… I’d take nothing for it – ‘cause that would have been settling… and I wanted the best!”